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Trade Fairs

In the ever changing business world, trade fairs or exhibitions are one of the most effective mediums for establishing and maintaining customer relations. In an increasingly digital age, they are the only media where buyer, seller and product physically come together - a potent force for business.

With tightly focused profiles and carefully targeted audiences, trade fairs are a highly cost-effective sales and marketing platform.  
Trade Fairs provide a special environment for person to person business. While our world becomes ever more complex, interpersonal communication and face to face contact is still the key to building relationships in business.


Exhibitions provide a highly flexible environment in which a wide range of sales and marketing objectives can be achieved, from generating sales leads and launching new products, to building brand image, maintaining customer relations and appointing new agents.

A two-way communication process

Unlike magazines and direct mail, exhibitions involve a two-way communication process. Visitors can question, challenge and debate. Exhibitors can give and seek information. Most importantly, business is conducted face to face - the most effective way to build and sustain customer relations.

An advert, direct mailing or web page may say a product is the fastest, quietest, smallest or most advanced on the market. At an exhibition, suppliers can physically demonstrate product benefits, and visitors can see, touch, taste, smell, hear, and judge, for themselves.

Speed to market

Exhibitions offer mass exposure, enabling you to reach a large proportion of the marketplace in a short space of time. They are also one of the quickest and most cost-effective means of exploring and entering new export markets.

Why Germany?

  • 800 years of trade fairs in Germany speak for themselves.

  • Three of the five largest exhibition centres in the world are in Germany.

  • Two-thirds of all the world’s leading trade fairs are held in Germany.

Germany is the world's no. 1 location for hosting international trade fairs. It stands out against the international competition in terms of its facilities, its level of innovation and its broad reach. Around 150 international trade fairs and exhibitions are held in Germany every year, attracting up to 170,000 exhibitors and between nine and ten million visitors.

The outstanding feature of German trade fairs is their international character: more than half of the exhibitors come from other countries, and a third of those are from countries outside Europe. And over one in five visitors travels in from abroad.
Modern exhibition centres with optimal technical facilities and attractive settings provide excellent preconditions for your successful business meetings. The location in the heart of the European Union provides the basis to find potential customers from other continents.
This makes the German trade fair industry one of the leading service sectors internationally.
The Trade Fair Centres in the cities of Cologne, Düsseldorf and Munich are built to meet the most sophisticated standards. They provide exhibition areas of uniform quality , wide entrances, covered walkways , electronic information systems and full on-site services such as banking , medical , transport , luggage and postal . Located either directly in the city centre or easily accessible by efficient transport links, the trade fair centres are an integral part of each city, each with its own distinctive regional flavour .
With numerous airports plus dense road and rail networks, travelling within Germany is both easy and convenient.

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