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Many of our customers are travelling to places other than Germany.

Often we get calls saying “ you did a good job for my trip to Germany, can you book other travel?”

What these customers are looking for in a travel provider is someone who understands their needs, can communicate with them clearly and easily and come up with the right solution for their request.

MESSE REPS. & TRAVEL is an IATA Accredited and Bonded travel agency through its membership of the Travel Managers Group, one of the largest broker-based travel companies in New Zealand. A member of the Flight Centre Travel Group, TMG benefits from the bulk buying power that comes with being part of one of the worlds largest travel agency groups.

These extended relationships with the Flight Centre Travel Group globally allow us to provide the best support network, buying power and the latest technology to our clients and partners. At the same time, you get to deal with a privately owned small NZ business with passionate working owners who know that our job is to ensure that our clients travel experience is the best it can be.
If you would like suggestions and recommendations for your next trip …to anywhere …please contact us.
Below is what some of our customers have said:
MESSE REPS. & TRAVEL have worked for more than 20 years arranging travel for members of the printing industry.  They know the travel business inside out, and their particular expertise and knowledge in the field of overseas trade shows is unique.  Whether your group is small or large, they can personalise the travel to meet everyone’s individual requirements and ensure that they get where they need to be, when they need to be there.

Ruth Cobb, General Manager, Print NZ

We have been using MESSE REPS. & TRAVEL for 15 years, after first becoming involved with our initial German trade show work. Subsequently their honest and vast experience has made them a key partner in our business travel arrangements to the degree that we would be very reluctant to arrange any trip without the advice and supervision that they offer as a default.

Chris Clews , DE Group

MESSE REPS. & TRAVEL have been our travel consultants for over 10 years and we can thoroughly recommend the services offered. An example of our experience with them is when we were stuck in San Francisco waiting for the Icelandic volcano to calm down before we could continue our way to a machinery show in Munich. There was a party of 20+ of us but we were fortunate to have Robert and Roslyn travelling with us and they managed to get us all out on the first available planes. Without their help we would have been at least a further 2-3 days.

Helen Goodman , Goodman Contractors 

Robert and Roslyn along with their team of expert travel consultants are invaluable when it comes to the detail required when planning a trip. They will ensure that you are booked on the most economical route, stay in the best hotels you can afford, and put you onto the right contacts for the best experience.

On one occasion, we were about to drive through the French Riviera, when our rental car was double booked by the Rental Company. At 11am in Barcelona, no car, panic, panic, what should we do……….?! “Of course let’s call Messe in New Zealand”, midnight, NZ time. Rob got to work and within an hour we were on our way in a better car from another Rental Company, what more can one ask…………Great service 24/7.

Terry Mischefski , Expol

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